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Why we created the Retail iHub

The challenge of not having easy access to affordable retail space to accommodate a start-up, the challenge of having to spend a huge amount of your business overhead expenses on retail lease cost kills a lot of start-ups in their early days. The several other options like the Pop-up, farmers market, tradeshows, and retail shelf purchase come either occasionally for 2/3 days at high cost too and with a huge commission charge on every sale (for most part). This was what birth Sedulous Women retail iHub where start-ups can test, grow, and scale their brand without a huge amount leaving their purse as expenses and they can be opened 365days a year connecting with their customers and pushing their brand visibility beyond their basement and garage. We are revolutionizing the retail leasing space industry with Sedulous Women Retail iHub. We are serving a need using an unusual solution to solve persistent problems. We are disrupting the retail leasing space and challenging the unpleasant cash trap expenses attached to it.

Within the Retail iHub, we also have the Sedulous Women training room which is where the hand-on training/coaching happens, where ideas and products are brought to live. Participants would be coached on how to create, design, and produce branding essentials like product packaging, product labelling, manufacturing designs, product mock ups, franchising development, private label etc. The training room will also serve our virtual audience from across Canada. de Sedulous Women Leaders recognize how important a product design, color, logo, and product variants differentiator means to a brand, as such, the retail training room afford participants the opportunity to work one-on-one on their brand/product with facilitators. Participants get expose to real-world situation of bringing a product to live from start to getting on the shelves. The training room will also be available to vendors to use for Masterclasses and it will also be available to the public for business meetings, team building exercise, and business coaching session.

Sedulous Women Retail iHub will be piloted in rural Alberta (specifically in Grande Prairie) with the hope to replicate in other bigger cities like Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver. The end result of the Sedulous Women Retail iHub is to drive more money into the hands of women-owned businesses using affordable retail stores as a growth tool for them to scale and even expand into other Canadian Provinces beyond where they operate. We are not here to make a statement, we are here to make significant transformation and impact within the retail leasing space and the way start-up entrepreneurs operate, grow and take space within the retail ecosystem.

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