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Tour of the Retail iHub

Updated: May 17


We are not here to make a statement, we are here to make significant transformation and impact within the retail leasing space and the way women entrepreneurs operate, grow and take space within the retail industry. The Sedulous Women Retail iHub is Canada’s 1st Creative Innovative Entrepreneurial Retail space where our vision is built on “Building Dreams, Growing Brands, Scaling Businesses” by applying what is called a low-end disruptive strategy and utilizing an unusual solution in solving persistent problem.

Come on a Tour with me - Click video below to watch

An average retail startup requires and spend an average of $48,000 a year to maintain a retail space which cuts deep into their operating expenses, but with the retail iHub we help save the women $36,000 back into their bank account that can be used to manufacture more products and to continue to scale up their business. Every dollar saved by an entrepreneur goes a long way to keep them in business and to expand tremendously - This is our vision and mission for the retail iHub !!

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